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Sunday 05th November 2006 12:49:28 PM
The Most Exciting Race![ 0 messages] 

It was Round 10 and the final round of 2006 My-Kart Series yesterday, held at City Karting in Shah Alam. And this was by far the most exciting I ever had. (Not that I race very often...LOL!) Each participant got to run 3 sessions every round, i.e. Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2 and The Race.

Qualifying 1:
Since it rained the night before, there were still wet patches at some parts of the track. These wet patches would definitely cause us problem, especially at the turns, since our karts were using dry slick tyres. When the session started, I spun at the very first hair pin under braking¡Khaha¡Kalong with a few others¡K ;p Since it happened at a very low speed, none of us spun off the track, so we were able to continue. Came the next medium speed turn, and it was wet. I know it¡¦s gonna be very slippery, I slow down a lot before entering the turn¡K crap¡K the kart understeer into the turn like the tyres were made of plastic instead of rubber! It felt like you were walking on wet tiles with a pair of slippers with badly worn soles. Once the kart¡¦s speed was slow enough and the understeer stopped, I tried to put on the power, d*u, now the back try to over take the front, aka power oversteer. I had to do an opposite lock at the steering wheel in order to keep it from spinning. To put it into perspective, if you have 100% grip in dry condition, theses tyres only give 10-20% of it when the track is wet. So much different from our road car tyres. I wonder if it felt the same in a Formula One car with dry tyres in this same track condition¡KLOL!... A few for laps, a few more spins ;p , I finally made it to the finish line¡Khahaha¡K what an experience!! Love it!!

Qualifying 2:
Normally in Q2, we have to swap karts (..the first participant takes the last kart, the last participant takes the first kart..) and do another run in order to make this qualifying as fair as possible, since the rented karts normally have different performance from kart to kart. But due to the position in the middle, I got the same kart again¡K No much problem with this kart, power is good except I couldn¡¦t really feel the brake, it¡¦s like all or nothing kind of braking, causing me to spin on a few occasions at the last hair pin. Driver¡¦s error? LOL!!

The Race:
I qualified in the second group. The fast drivers are all up in the first group. Left with all the slower drivers like myself in this second group¡K ;p Normally I would finished the race in worst of the worst position, i.e. the bottom 3 in the second group! But this time it was different, I finished second! I am the better of the worst! Hahaha¡K May be this round got a lot of first time karters for me to beat?? ƒº hahaha¡K.

Let¡¦s recap the race with 3 or 4 more laps to go. I was running 4th at that time, with two more karters in sight, around 20-30m in front on the fastest straight. No trace of the leader of the race though. I was inching up of those 2 guys corner after corner. Soon they realized I was catching them up. Before long, the 3rd driver spun at the last hair pin in front of me. I tell you what, I was really happy to see that¡Kand passed him. I wonder Alonso was laughing inside his helmet when he saw Schumacher¡¦s engine blew up in Japan!

Next came the driver in second position. I was running third. This time I was very determined to pass him. With only 3 more turns before the finish line, the famous last hair pin that I had mentioned a few times! ;p This is actually the fastest back-straight followed by a slow hair pin. I was right behind the guy running in second place and he knew I was closely behind. He tried to cover the inside line heading towards the hair pin. I had no where to go except taking the wide line so that I could open the throttle earlier exiting the turn in case he ran wide. Voila!! He ran a bit wide, thank you very much, I dived inside and had half a kart length in front heading towards the second last slow speed turn. Being determined to take second place, I squeezed him a little and he yielded. The rest were history¡K I happily took second place. Hahahaha¡K.

There ends the 2006 My Kart Series. I must try to take part in all the rounds next year. Time to get serious¡K ;p

Wednesday 12th July 2006 05:36:41 PM
Fabio the hero![ 0 messages] 

Fabio Grosso, the hero of Italy for this World Cup.

He's the one who earned a penalty for Italy in the dying seconds of the Round-of-16 match against Australia, in which the spot kick was converted by Totti.

He's the one who sank millions of German fans' heart when he scored a last minute goal in extra time during the semi-final game.

He's the one who converted the fifth penalty kick against France...which brings Italy the World Cup for the forth time.

He's simply the hero for Italy!

Friday 07th July 2006 10:36:19 AM
Don't tell me it's France...[ 0 messages] 

I heard from radio this morning, that Pele was saying the Italians are the best team he has seen in the past decade... And they said Pele is famous for his 'wu nga hao' (crow mouth). Shit...don't tell me France is going to lift the World Cup...

Wednesday 05th July 2006 05:23:08 PM
Portugal vs France[ 0 messages] 

For whatever reason, I would like to see Portugal go thru to the final. And an Italy-Portugal WC final is what I'm looking forward to. France...well, I just don't like them, I never supported them. No, not because they beat Brazil twice in recent WC finals!

May be I like to see C. Ronaldo play, or may be I like to see him cry, but not in the semi-final game... :-)

Let's be prepared for tonight... may be it's time to go home and sleep. :-)

Wednesday 05th July 2006 01:58:57 PM
Italy in, Germany out![ 0 messages] 

It was really well worth staying up late to watch this semi-final game. Though the score were 0-0 for a full 118 minutes, but the game was easily one of the best I've seen during this WC.

The late, late goals by Grosso and Del Piero were really amazing to watch. I could see Klinsmann's heart break when Grosso sank in the first Italian goal. But he remained calm...

The second goal followed almost immediately, and the full-time whistle was blowed once Del Piero put the ball behind the net, beyond Lehmann's reach...

And for me, the full-time whistle was very much appreciated, because I could go to bed and sleep... :-)

Wednesday 28th June 2006 04:54:54 PM
World Cup Syndrome![ 0 messages] 

I think I'm hit by World Cup Syndrome. The symptoms are body-ache, bone-ache, feverish body and flu-liked symptoms. This is comfirmed by at least one of my best friends who never miss a match so far...he took MC on Friday and yesterday... :-)

If you have these symptoms, congratulations!! You are hit by World Cup Syndrome.

Friday 23rd June 2006 09:39:58 AM
Japan vs Brazil[ 0 messages] 

When Japan were leading 1-0 in the first half, I thought Brazil were gonna let them win. I was wrong... Japan got blasted 4-1 instead!!

Thursday 22nd June 2006 04:53:26 PM
A Sleepy Month..[ 0 messages] 

Well, it's been some time that I last blogged. May be because I'm tired and sleepy, thanks to the World Cup 2006.

This morning's match was such a let down, both Argentina and Holland were not playing any football at all....arghhh... wish they both go "Holland"...in the Round-of-16 matches...hahahaha....

My training classes end earlier than normal nowadays, thanks to the trainer... :-) because he wants to go back early and sleep...

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