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<table width=260 border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=4 ><br>I think there must be something wrong<br>with me, or wrong with strength, that I would<br>break my happiness apart<br>simply for the pleasure of the sound.<br>The sound the pieces make.</table>
Tranquilizer ...
Album: Sweet Ruin - of words that have died upon me

"And so you know your destination?" he asked. "Yes," I answered, "didn't I say so? Away-From-Here, that is my destination."

Courtesy: poetry by Tony Hoagland

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Album: Ascent - Meeting Place of Man and Mountain Gods

My lungs are aching, my heart is pounding, but my feet are strong and my eyes are filled with blinding light.

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Contiki dock ...
<table width=228 border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=4>That's not the beginning of the end<br>
That's the return to yourself<br>
That's the destiny, the only chance<br>
Take it, take it in your hands<br></table>
Album: Palette - Painting with light

Candy dreams of a crush on sun rays.

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Album: Angels, Daemons - and the Garden of Eden

Amidst the haze and the reigning anarchy, two splendid glistening drops of saline fall away from your eyes, in to the deep oblivion below, slowly

Courtesy: Obliged for some of the word seeds to Enigma

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<table width=270 border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=4>your lips shine like ripe red berries,<br>
dripping with dew and trembling like leaves;<br>
Turning me into one queer shade of purple,<br>
soft fuzzy eyes in dim golden light.</table>
<table width=175 border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=4><br>Ninte hrudayathil njanente<br>hrudayam koruthirikkunnu,<br><br>--<br>In you, you still have me,<br>deep, hooked on your heart.<br>--</table>
Album: Amor - Colors and flowers of love ... and all.

reflections seen on the bubbles floating in dreams.

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Album: Asylum - the way you feel

and how it bonds, ties and refuses to be splintered away...

Poem courtesy: P. Madhusoodanan Nair in Daivathinte Vikruthikal

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