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1)  my first swedish midsummer festival + visit @ stockholm
2)  i LOVE swedish summer!!!
3)  Easter Getaway @ Fiji 
4)  a VERY foggy hike at ma on shan park

5)  a splendid afternoon @ Tap Mun (塔門)
6)  Yap - Home of the Stone Money
7)  Palau - my first scuba diving trip
8)  VIVA CUBA!!!
9)  an eye-opening trip - 2 weeks in Peru
10)  my few days in Chile... & couldn't stop saying ' it's just INSANELY BEAUTIFUL!!!'

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Album: my beloved peidan 皮蛋
in memory of my faithful companion
sept 1994 to july 2000
i only wish i had taken more pictures of you when we used to play on the football field... when we had our picnic...when you were swimming in the lake... when we were running on the snow mountain... when we were at the beach... when you were accompanying me at my studio...
YOU will ALWAYS be the MOST ADORABLE doggie in my world!  I LOVE YOU!

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Album: my hometown

it has been a while since the last time i see a place i called it hometown...
and afterall... i'm glad i finally have a hometown in my heart...
it's still a lovely city... no matter how much it has changed over these years...

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Album: the more interesting part of hk

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Album: action

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bintan, indonesia
Album: lomo in june 2007

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Album: flowers

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Album: experimental photography

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Album: doggie snaps

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Album: travelogue
travelling & photography have always been a big part of my life...
i'm building this album so that i can share with you what i've seen during my trips...
as well as dedicating it to my parents & my sis who allow me to follow my passion...  
to my travel buddy... thank you for all your support, patience, laugh, & time!!
& to my love, who has made my journeys WAY WAY WAY more colorful & fun...
i'm truly grateful to be able to explore the world with you, hand-in-hand, cameras-in-cameras ;-)

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Album: red-mosphere

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Album: studio
it feels soooo good being back in my second home!

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Album: phonograph
a mighty cool & cozy hangout place located on austin avenue in tst where you can get varieties of food & tasty coffee in the afternoon and great cocktail drinks at night...

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同學,thx for capturing the REAL moment of me!!
Album: andylau's vision tour '04
september 7th 2004
** my first attempt in shooting onstage photos **

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Album: me

wonderful journeys with wonderful you, you, you, & you... 

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Album: mono hong kong

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Album: videos
password: last 4 digits of my mobile#

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