Vincent Poon :: Spain 2006
4th - 13th July

Visited cities include Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Seville and Granada

An European country caught me by surprise, really! A paella mixta of arts, histories, cultures, sports, architectures and most importantly, sexy Spanish gals.... Ole!
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Hospital de la Santa Creu i de Sant Pau
Casa Batllo,the roof is based on St. George an the dragon
Jesus and the twelve apostles, Basilica Facade
Logo of Barca
Album: Barcelona (04-07 July 2006)
Barcelona is a rich city -- not of its monetary value but really it has got a lot of everything. For arts it has Picasso, Miro and Dali. For architecture it has Gaudi's works. It has got plenty of cathedrals and churches. Nature-wise it has a coast, beaches and also mountains nearby. Food-wise it has fresh seafood. Most people speak Expo and Olympics were held here before. Have I not mentioned its football club Barca?

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Album: Gaudi's Work (5th July 2006)
You probably don't know who Antoni Gaudi is, but you would not say you won't recognize his Sagrada Familia, to which he devoted his life and money since 1914, and still unfinished today. He was definitely one of the greatest architect in Barcelona of all times. Salute to the master!

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Album: Montserrat (6th July 2006)
People go to Montserrat (Serrated Mountains) for pilgrimage and the famous boys choir in the Monastery. I go there for the scenery and also a chance to escape from the heat of Barcelona. Of course as a catholic myself, I would also like to see what this Catalonia's holiest place is all about.

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Album: Camp Nou (6th July 2006)
Currently the largest stadium in Europe, can seat nearly 100,000 fans. Home of Barca (FC Barcelona).

The highlight of the museum tour is the chance to take a photo with Ronaldinho (sorry a cardboard one.. big deal~~)

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Tio Pepe Sherry, famous icon at Peurta del Sol
City of Toledo
Logo of Real Madrid
728m Long, made up of 163 arches
Album: Madrid (07-10 July 2006)
I was there for 3 full days but I admit I really really did not have time to explore in depth. I was a total passerby in Madrid... no musuems, no parks... just train stations, bus stations and airport throughout.... maybe Madrid really shines? well, that I have to find out next time... I think next time I will have more time to spare since I no longer need to look for Zidane's stuff :)

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Album: Toledo (8th July 2006)
Toledo is a picturesque, historic city enclosed by old city walls. With the Cathedal at the center, vast network of streets and alleys radiate outwards forming a gigantic maze. It is recommended to explore the city on foot but with temperature of over 40C, it is a miracle you can get out alive! Still, if you have only got one day in Madrid, "waste" it here!

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Album: Santiago Bernabeu (8th July 2006)
Home of Real Madrid. Although not as big as Camp Nou (seated ~80,000), Santiago Bernabeu really shines by the players who played in it.

At the time of visiting I could not find any souvenir's of Zidane.. seems they were all gone after his final match in Bernabeu. Well, if his headbutt had appeared earlier, maybe there might be some left for me to salvage?!

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Album: Segovia (9th July 2006)
Segovia is famous for 2 things: Alcazar, the castle that rumoured to inspire Walt Disney on the design of the Sleeping Beauty's castle; and the giant Acueducto, an aqueduct that proved the signs of Roman leftovers in Spain.  To me, journey to Segovia could be summarized in one word: "WAIT!".. Waiting for the infrequent train (every 2 hours), waiting for the train journey (took another 2 hours), waiting for the local bus to take me to the aqueduct (every half an hour).. then repeat again for the return journey... The whole day was spend on waiting, waiting, and waiting! 

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Calleja de las Flores (flower street)
Seville Cathedral, one of the largest in the world, comes third after St Peter's in Rome and St. Paul's in London.
Patio de Arrayanes, Palacio Nazaries
Album: Cordoba (10th July 2006)
Cordoba was definitely not my favourite place.
1. I spent more time queueing for a ticket to Cordoba than the time in travelling (via AVE)
2. I was in Cordoba on a monday and everything was closed except the Mezquita.
3. The romantic Roman bridge (Puente Romano) was under renovation
4. Cordoba was the place where I had minimum time in (arrived at hotel at ~17:00 and left at 9:00 in the next day)
5. Cordoba was also the place where I learnt my flight was cancelled.
Maybe if not for all these, Cordoba would be lovelier (to me)

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Album: Seville (11th July 2006)
One day in Seville was really not enough... as Spain's 4th largest city and the capital city of Andalusia, Seville really has a lot to offer... From authentic Flamenco to professional Bull-Fighting; from a harmonic river cruise in the Guadalquivir River to an amazing adventure in the theme park; from a 3rd largest Gothic Cathedral to an Exquisite Moorish Alcazar... lastly, don't miss out the splendid Plaza d' Espana..... supposed to be the palace in the planet Naboo.... well I regret that I missed it myself!

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Album: Granada (12th July 2006)
From Sevilla it takes 3 hours by train, from Madrid its takes 6 hours, from Barcelona it takes over 13 hours... Granada is not very near to anywhere. Yet there is still a reason to go to Granada: La Alhambra. Described as 'One of the places to visit before you die', Alhambra  combines the use of space, light, water and craftmanship together to form one of the best islamic architectures found in Europe. Besides Alhambra, Granada is also very historically significant: It is the last Moorish stronghold before driven out by the Catholics Monarch in 1492 , so lots of Islamic influences are still left behind in this European city today.

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Album: Flamenco by Los Gallos (11th July 2006)
Flamenco shines in the fast-paced action and the music which can't really be captured in the photos. Although these photos cannot speak the essence of Flamenco, the team's splendid performance really deserves their credits here.

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The Holy Family,
Basilica, Monestir de Montserrat
Puerta del Sol
5 tapas + Sangria (EUR 11.5) -- 11th July 2006
AVE Serie 102 and AVE Serie 100
Album: Stained Glass Windows
As the main light source of a dimly lit church, these windows are kind of like windows to Heaven. If you kneel down and look up, you will see what I mean.

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Album: Street Signs
In and around Madrid there is an interesting thing that you can do when you stroll along the streets: street signs collection. Unlike other cities, most streets in Madrid have illustrations on their street signs. Some of them are named after famous persons, others are places or saints. Well, what if the street name has no meaning? Then it is only a small plain rectangular sign. (surprise!) Anyway, next time if you have time in Madrid, make sure you fill me with the rest of the signs (streets) I haven't been to!

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Album: Spanish Cuisine

Food in Spain is not cheap, and most of the time I didn't have the luxury to sit down and eat since I was always on the run... the only time where you could have a good meal would be the dinner time after dark (@10pm)... and this is when you would get rip-offs from the restaurants

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Album: Transporte de Espana

During my travel, there were lots of vehicles that could conveniently take you around... Some you didn't want to get aboard, (Madrid Police Car, whether it is a Citroen or a Renault) some would take you forever just to get hold of a ticket (AVE); nevertheless, they were quite fast, safe and reliable...... well, maybe except Air Iberia!

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