Vincent Poon :: Halloween Disney 2007

13th October 2007... almost a black friday... we decided to explore THE HAUNTED HOUSE...what we didn't know yet was the screams of 3 girls were more scary than anything else inside... Argghhhhhh!
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First Float: Jack on the pumpkin
Album: The Spooky Disney

First time ever in HK Disney to have a haunted house with real "inhabitants"... and the parade was spiced up a lot for this year too... Oh we are REALLY scared :P

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Album: 15M~WAAAAAA!!

What do you get when you add a few normal guys, 2 pairs of couples and 3 extremely noisy screaming gals?...... A "hell" of a party!

Welcome to Halloween Disney 2007!

Password Hint: b'day girl's first name (5 letters)

Changed: Oct 15, 2007.
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