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On the sixth day, Timmy said, ' Let there be a gallery for myself.'
Then he created this gallery.

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Photo by Irene Chui;
Digitally edited by Timmy So
Album: Me

All about Timmy (background music: びをれたpさな by MISIA]

Changed: Sep 02, 2013.
Contains: 8 items.
Viewed: 4006 times.
Album: Portraits

 [Background music: The Blower's Daughter, by Damien Rice; sound designer: Philip Chan]

Changed: May 08, 2007.
Contains: 25 items.
Viewed: 11316 times.
Album: Obsessed with Images

Some of my treasured snapshots [background music: Metro Sound by Blue States]

Changed: Aug 23, 2015.
Contains: 33 items.
Viewed: 4119 times.
Album: Wonderful World

My Footprints  (background music: Horizon Variations, by Max Richter)

Changed: Sep 09, 2019.
Contains: 38 items.
Viewed: 8801 times.
Album: Witnessing History

There isn't always right or wrong in history.  However, there is always this inescapability of history, that whoever tries to stop its revolving wheel, will have to pay the price. [background music: In Memories from るろうに剣]

Changed: Jul 01, 2010.
Contains: 5 items.
Viewed: 2400 times.
Album: Pigs And Doggies

Thanks for walking Life with me! [backgound song: Fly me to the moon]

Changed: Nov 27, 2009.
Contains: 20 items.
Viewed: 3379 times.
Album: Image Suite

[Background song: Michelangelo Antonioni, by Caetano Veloso]

Changed: Aug 10, 2013.
Contains: 7 items.
Viewed: 2616 times.
Album: Odds

Bits and pieces of memories

Changed: Aug 17, 2013.
Contains: 10 items.
Viewed: 2933 times.
Album: Private

Password = My mobile number

Changed: Sep 09, 2019.
Contains: 21 items.
Viewed: 2762 times.
Album: Micro Ships in 1/2400

Changed: Mar 20, 2018.
Contains: 30 items.
Viewed: 388 times.
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