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Thursday 23rd November 2006 12:56:23 PM
Home Made Pizza![ 3 messages] 

This mouth watering pizza was hand made by paupau. Trust me, this one tastes way better than any pizzas I have tasted before in Pizza Hut or Shakey's. Because it has bacon!! ;p

Shown below is the 2 photos of the pizza before and after a trip thru our trusty microwave oven.


Monday 13th November 2006 10:44:25 AM
Cameron Highlands Corns[ 0 messages] 

If you visit Cameron Highlands, don't just look for the strawberries. Look at this, the Cameron Highlands corns. This is by far the sweetest and most juicy corn I have ever tasted. Thinking about it already makes me yf. ;p And they are not cheap compared to the normal ones, each one costs around RM2.50!

Cooking is very easy, just steam them for about 15 minutes and your delicious corns are ready to be served...yummy!!

So next time if you go visit Cameron Highlands, look for these exotic, mouth watering Jagung!


Monday 14th August 2006 10:35:00 PM
One-Wok Chicken with Bacon![ 4 messages] 

If you happened to watch cooking shows on television, I'm sure you've heard of Jamie Oliver. This young chap, or rather 'chef' to be exact, has a special way of cooking things... i.e. one-wok cook or 'yat wok suk' in Cantonese. ;p

Since this one-wok cooking method is not that challenging compared to conventional cooking method, paupau would sit in front of the tv to copy all one-wok recipes by Jamie Oliver. Paupau will then cook dinner using these one-wok recipes. I'll be the guinea pig to try out the cooking? err, not that I'm not happy to be one... hehehe...

Here's one of the success stories... The One-Wok Chicken with Bacon! (if you are wondering, they are also failed stories, too! ;p)


Sunday 11th June 2006 11:43:54 PM
Watercress Soup!![ 0 messages] 

The other day, Pau Pau cooked this delicious watercress (v) soup. As a soup fanatic, I was so amazed that she really can cooked good soup!!

Over the months, I must say that Pau Pau really became very good at cooking, not only soup, but everything. Thumbs up for you, Pau Pau!!! Keep it up!! ;p

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