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Chinese wok?
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Local Chinese Buffet<BR>
16EUD each<BR>
They boiled all materials first before went to wok<BR>
North-east Chinese style<BR>
Local Chinese Buffet
16EUD each

They boiled all materials first before went to wok
North-east Chinese style

One cooker from China north-east<BR>
one from Macau<BR>
Belgian restautant<BR>
Renown Belgium food<BR>
- Steak ???<BR>
Chinese take-away<BR>
Owners from Hong Kong<BR>
Mr and Mrs Liu<BR>
One cooker from China north-east
one from Macau

Belgian restautant

Renown Belgium food
- Steak ???

Chinese take-away
Owners from Hong Kong
Mr and Mrs Liu

They did "pе" for us<BR>
20EUD each<BR>
Shanghaiese restaurant<BR>
Own by my colleaque's friend
They did "pе" for us
20EUD each

Shanghaiese restaurant
Own by my colleaque's friend

In Brussels<BR>
Cheap Mexican<BR>
below 10EUD eachM<BR>

In Brussels

Cheap Mexican
below 10EUD eachM

In Erfurt<BR>

In Erfurt

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