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Started with a 9th century tiny castle, over the centuries, different castles were built here, and they gradually moved out to the mouth of the cave. Predjama Castle
  Predjama castle is located in the middle of a 123 m high, overhanging, limestone cliff, in the entrance of a cave   Listed in the Guinness World Records as the largest cave castle in the world, it was also meant to be one of the most impregnable castles in the Medieval times. It was only fallen once due to the betrayal of a servant. The view itself was well worth the detour if you are visiting the Postojna Cave!
DSC03696 台北2017
Castel Sant'Angelo 。Vatican City
IMG_3590 2014 April UK
IMG_3016 20140409-12 Taichung
IMG_5460 20170911
石桓驚喜之旅 11-15 Sept 2017
IMG_20170727_161641 伊朗之旅 Iran
幾絲晨霧 幾聲雞鳴 幾縷炊煙  北彊金秋
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