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Thursday 21st January 2010 12:43:41 AM

19/1/2010 Apple終於出了bootcamp 3.1 support Window 7.
本以為可使iMac更好的執行Window 7,快快download/install。

誰知它的ATI Display Driver不能好好support,Color 竟變成8/16bit,set極都去不到32bit,色彩肉酸到冇朋友:P

要我uninstall ATI driver再在AMD web site download ATI 4500 series 新driver。Install後Color才正常。

Apple 有冇test好才出software? 大公司都咁? 大為失望 :(


Sunday 24th January 2010 05:43:51 PM
From: Gary
bootcamp is an utility officially provided by Apple to support Window running on iMac. I don't think that is a problem. Apple used Intel CPU in their MAC, one of reason is want to compatible with MS Window to get more market share. Nowaday, many web site is only support IE such some internet bank service so I can't only run OS X in my iMac. Anyway, I also like OS X and iMac very much. It is good design and stable. I only want to point out the problem that the developer don't well test their product before roll out to public. PS: BootCamp is an utility bundle with my 正版 OS X10.6. ,同支持正版,有何關係? 現在講的是一個合法正版的software沒好好testing就出街,增加用戶的麻煩!

Saturday 23rd January 2010 02:52:53 AM
From: K
AGREE~ 請支持正版~

Friday 22nd January 2010 04:29:09 PM
From: Alman
bootcamp is just a free were bundled with mac osx you are not suggested to use windows in a mac... please enjoy your mac in a mac ox, mac user

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