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The real prizes from photo competition.  So cute!

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Prizes from photo competition.  Congratulations to me!

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I'm back! 影到夠晒喉!

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影完荷花,去吃荷花,Lotus Cafe。

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3 years!

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Cancer Summary

This is a big month, and it appears a lot is about to happen offstage, behind closed doors. This may be because you are involved with a confidential launch of a product or service, or because you are doing other work that demands secrecy. With Jupiter, the good fortune planet, moving into this same area of your chart on June 11, to stay twelve months, it's clear you'll be highly productive working alone, away from people who are prone to distract you.
Your career is about to do better than earlier this year now that Mars is moving very rapidly at long last, after weeks of being retrograde from late January through mid-April. This will translate into a faster career pace for you. There are a few humps to get over this month at the eclipse June 4, but you can do it, and after this episode, you will be on firmer ground. Sometimes something you think is not so good turns out to be a blessing in disguise. You may need to travel short distances to see your clients who are based in nearby cities, and doing so will help you progress faster.
Indeed, with a lunar eclipse June 4 in your workaday sector, brace for changes in regard to your assignments, or with personnel, in particular. An assistant that you rely upon may quit, or your regular, trusted housekeeper may be moving away. You may be interviewing babysitters or nannies again, or interviewing a new gardener or housekeeper. At work you may need to see a number of candidates before you choose your favorite recruit. Be flexible - change is a necessary part of life, even though it always seems to come at an inconvenient time!
You may want to pay a little more attention to your physical and mental health. You've been busy, but now, with eclipse season upon us, any neglect will show up and beg for attention. The lunar eclipse, June 4, can bring any health concern to your attention - quick attention will increase your chances of feeling your old self again.
Later, the new moon in Gemini on June 19 will bring opportunity to help you sort out any psychological problem you may have been meditating on. It's an ideal time to check in with a therapist or good friend to get to the core of what could be at the root of your unrest. If you have any propensity that causes you to tear down your health such as smoking, too much alcohol, or something as little as eating cookies in bed at night (oh those crumbs!) you can end that habit. Look for help after June 19.
Romantically, the first ten days of June will be your best, as Jupiter, the great benefic, will be touring your friendship / people / events sector. Jupiter is getting ready to leave, however, and will bring his goodness to another part of your chart after June 11, not to be back to this, your eleventh house until 2023. The first weekend of the month would be ideal for a romantic dinner or weekend away with the one you love. If you have no one now, be sure to circulate on that weekend. Once Jupiter enters Gemini, you will do well with arranged, blind dates set up by people you know and trust. Wait to do so in July - this month, with Venus in retrograde, you'll feel like you're trying to climb the escalator that's moving down - you'll get nowhere fast.
Dates to Note for Cancer
Most romantic dates: June 1, 2, 9-10, 14-15, 20, and 28-29. Remember, however - Venus is retrograde, so this is not a month to meet someone new or etch any romantic decisions in stone.
Venus will be retrograde until June 27.
The course of your career will improve, thanks to Mars' faster orbit. From now on, the hard work you've done will show progress.
The lunar eclipse June 4 will bring changes in regard to co-workers or subordinates that report to you, at home or at work. Or, your assignments may change, or the computer software may be upgraded. Watch for the way you do your job to change.
With a great deal of emphasis on your behind-the-scenes sector from now on, you will find a high level of productivity when you work alone, behind the scenes, free of others who might take too much of your time.
Do you have a pet? Take special care of your little furry creature this month, especially near June 4, for he may need attention.
This is an important month for attending to your mind, body, and spirit. It's time to have a look at your lifestyle, habits, and exercise level and find ways to increase fitness. Schedule appointments with doctors, too.
Romantically, your first days, June 1-11, will be your best, due to Jupiter still in Cancer, and within that phase, the weekend of Friday night, June 1 through Sunday, June 3 will be best.
Home and family-related matters will get a big push forward once Venus is direct at month's end, after June 27. Efforts to beautify your home will do doubly well after that date, too. Saturn is also in your home sector, and that planet is also about to turn direct June 25. The days surrounding this date will be critical for your home-related progress.

Capricorn Summary

As the month begins, a piece of information you were never supposed to hear will quite suddenly come out in the open. Having this information will allow you to protect yourself, especially if someone has not been honest with you. This information comes to you due to the lunar (full moon) eclipse June 11.
There is another way this eclipse may assert its presence. The twelfth house, where this eclipse will appear on June 4, also rules institutions of health. This suggests that you, or someone you know, may opt to get special medical care, in a hospital, rehab center, or other facility. If news does arrive, your family will likely be supportive, and members will come together in an effective way.
Work will be very busy as the month begins, and that comes thanks to an extraordinary buildup of planets in your sixth house of work assignments. Several little planets are already there, ready and excited to welcome Jupiter, the great giver of gifts and luck, who will stay in this house for a full twelve months. Jupiter always gives "more" of anything you could ever want, so you won't lack assignments, for sure. To be sure you notice that this will be quite an important time for you, the universe sent an eclipse on May 20, and a new moon this month, June 19, in the very same part of your chart.
The new moon, June 19, will also emphasize health from your sixth house, but the difference is that this new moon will be the best of the year to kick off a new fitness or nutritional diet. Do so as early as possible within the two weeks that follow. The first few days following that new moon, June 19-22, will be your strongest and best time to begin.
With Jupiter moving into your sixth house on June 11 for a full twelve months - this is the area that rules all the things you do to feel your best - any attempt you make to feel and look better would be rewarded. Interestingly, having Jupiter in the sixth house is the best place to lose weight and get fit because this planet would overhaul long ingrained habits.
At work, you are likely to be very busy with not one but with two new projects that will excite you and help you broaden your skills. The projects might include writing, editing, speaking, lecturing, selling, marketing, advertising, publicity, or doing translations as some examples. These projects will bring you into a new realm, so do your best - there are more interesting assignments to come.
Your home situation seems to be running the gamut from very good news to high pressure and a battle of wills. One day when tension is likely to run high is June 25, when Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries square off in a very angry way. Keep your antenna up, and brace for any news that may seem unfairly forceful. If you keep your wits about you, you can think of a resourceful way to handle anything that comes up.
In terms of finding love if you are single, you are now in the final days of having Jupiter in Taurus, the finest place for the planet of gifts and luck, in the perfect house to bring love until June 11, ending a yearlong visit. Be sure to circulate during those last days if you still hope to meet someone. If you found love, the same house that Jupiter is visiting also rules pregnancy and birth. If you hope for conception and that schedule works for you, that would also be a good time to summon the stork.
Once you get to the last week of June, you will sigh with relief. Your own ruler, Saturn, will turn direct, allowing blockages to be released and productivity to flow again. You've faced a number of tricky obstacles, but things will improve now, proving all your efforts were worthwhile after all. And all the hard work you will put in this month while others are on vacation is adding up to something big. Watch mid-October - you'll get the promotion and the last laugh as you are ushered into the corner office, with YOUR name on the door.
Dates to Note for Capricorn
Most romantic dates: Keep in mind Jupiter in Taurus represents your best time ever to fall in love (June 1 to 11 represents the tail end of a long visit from this planet in just the right house.) Conception is favored then, too.
With the above-statement in mind, here are your best dates: June 1- 3, 5-6, 9-10, 13-15, 25, and 29.
Venus will remain retrograde until June 27, and from that point on, your career progress will accelerate and bring better news than it has over the weeks since Venus started to retrograde, May 15.
The most important day of the month - and there certainly are a slew of key dates this month - will be when your ruler, Saturn, goes direct on June 25. Saturn has been retrograde, and therefore weak, since February 7, and that held back your progress on a big scale.
The lunar eclipse June 4 will bring information to the surface that may have been withheld from you. You may get clarification on a long-term matter that has troubled you.
Alternatively, you may decide to check into a hospital, rehab, or physical therapy center to eliminate a problem. It's also an ideal month to reform your habits to open the door on better health, especially in the days following the new moon June 19. Weight loss does well, too.
June 3, when Mercury and your ruler, Saturn, combine energies, will be an excellent day to exchange views with an important client or boss or in your personal life, your partner. Stage that talk on this day.
Another special day: June 13, when the Sun and Saturn are beautifully oriented. You may get a financial opportunity that you feel stabilizes your finances.
Home-related news runs hot to cold. You have some excellent aspects June 20 involving Venus, but some tough ones on June 11 and 24. Listen carefully to all that is said to you, and to be ready for anything. A landlord or government official may be the source of your stress.



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