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Kitulgala Lowland Forest
Kitulgala locates 40 km east of Colombo and was the shooting location for the Oscar film “Kwai River Bridge”. The Kitulgala lowland forest was protected areas and well-known bird-watching sites. 23 species of endemic birds can be found here. Leeches always appear in the forest and leech sock is recommended.
Kitulgala 位於可倫坡東面40公里, 當年奧斯卡金像電影桂河橋就在這裡拍攝, Kitulgala 位處低海拔地區, 當地的森林保護區是著名的觀鳥熱點, 23種特有雀鳥能在這裡找到, 不過, 森林常有吸血蟲出現, 要穿長筒襪保護。

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