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03072012_My Residence 1950 to 1969_Kowloon Docks Memerial School00002
12122010_South Horizons Place McDonald_Birthday Party_Yankiu So00015
02102010_Birthday Party@Green Lounge_Julio and Julian00010
11092012_Erika and PL Ma and Tam Tak Ding and Nana_Shing Mun Reservoir00003
31052010_Empire Hotel Buffet Dinner_DAU Colleagues00013
Album: Home Land
Album: Cass Ng's Corner
Album: Cafornia Fu's Corner
Album: Classmates Corner
Album: Colleagues Corner
17082012_Pauline the Laughing Yoga@Lam Tin Rehab Centre00116
Assorted Photos00007
22052014_Nana@Tai Tam Reservoir00001
Album: Pauline Fung Hiking Group's Corner
Album: My Song
Album: Watasi no Sasin
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