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"Unless the Lord is with you, all your efforts are in vain - nisi dominus frustra"

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09112014_Disneyland Hotel Snapshots00040
22112014_HKIA Maintenance Area_Cathay Pacific Airliner00003
05112014_Ngong Ping Tien Tan Giant Buddha00038
01112014_Sunny Bay Snapshots00022
25102014_North Discovery Bay Snapshots_The Wedding00007
Album: 2014 - Disneyland Hotel
Album: 2014 - Hong Kong International Airport Maintenance Area
Album: 2014 - Ngong Ping
Album: 2014 - Sunny Bay
Album: 2014 - North Discovery Bay
06072014_South Discovery Bay Plaza Snapshots00021
22102014_Sai Kung Town Scenic Snapshots00083
19102014_Lions Club Snapshots00028
11102014_Kwai Fong Snapshots00008
30092014_Widescreen Snapshots of Tai Tam Reservoir00016
Album: 2014 - South Discovery Bay
Album: 2014 - Sai Kung
Album: 2014 - Lions Club
Album: 2014 - Kwai Fong
Album: 2014 - Widescreen of Tai Tam Reservoir
14092014_Western District Public Cargo Working Area Snapshots00054
13092014_Yaumatei Fruit Wholesale Market Snapshots00009
Old HSBC Building 1972
17082014_West Kowloon Promenade Snapshots00013
10082014_Leiyuemun and San Ka Tsuen Snapshots00025
Album: 2014 - Western District Public Cargo Working Area
Album: 2014 - Yaumatei Fruit Wholesale Market
Album: 2014 - From Central to Wanchai
Album: 2014 - West Kowloon Promenade
Album: 2014 - Lei Yue Mun and Sam Ka Tsuen
30082014_HKUST Snapshots00001
26082014_Wong Tai Sin under Blue Sky00006
02072014_Tung Chung Snapshots00002
02072014_Pui O Snapshots00006
12062014_Shing Mun Reservoir_Full and Overflow00001
Album: 2014 - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Album: 2014 - Wong Tai Sin
Album: 2014 - Tung Chung
Album: 2014 - Pui O Beach
Album: 2014 - Shing Mun Reservoir
08032014_Hong Kong University Snapshots00008
01062014_Shek O Snapshots00001
24052014_Taipo Waterfront Park Snapshots00012
05102014_Ma Wan_Tsing Ma Bridge00016
28062014_Mongkok Snapshots00002
Album: 2014 - University of Hong Kong
Album: 2014 - Shek O and Shaukiwan
Album: 2014 - Taipo Waterfront Park
Album: 2014 - Ma Wan
Album: 2014 - Mongkok
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